Office Dress and Conduct Expectations

This dress code is not meant to be a strict set of clothing items that you must wear, nor are our conduct expectations meant to dictate the way in which you speak or act. It is to serve as a guide for what we expect of you in representing the company in your language, behavior and attire.


Suits and ties are what our parents had to wear to work and are not required here unless you are attending a deposition, mediation, arbitration, court hearing or other formal event that would require this sort of attire. You are most welcome to wear a suit, tie or any business attire that you feel comfortable wearing, but in no way is it required for your daily job duties.

We interface with the public frequently. This includes in-person meetings, office visits and virtual meetings online that will have cameras. For this reason, we require all employees to wear clothing that reflects positively on the professionalism of the company. Keep in mind, we want you to be comfortable. The company was founded in Austin, Texas which is known for being “weird”. Both partners in the company dress very comfortably and have so since our inception. You’ll catch Manu in shorts and a tee-shirt and Jason rocks flip-flops nearly year round.

Acceptable attire would be considered what older companies would call “Casual Fridays”. This includes things like jeans, tasteful shorts, skirts, dresses. Clothing should completely cover the body from above the knees, to anything below the clavicle (most prominent bone just below the neck), and everything in between. Looking like you just rolled out of bed is also not suitable for work. Torn, worn out, stained or discolored clothing or shoes, or lounge wear such as sweats, pajamas, and sleeveless T-shirts, or those that show tasteless messages or graphics are not acceptable. Any clothing that contains political, insensitive or any divisive language is prohibited. A good rule of thumb is to keep it PG-13 or lower.

Attire should be appropriate for your position.  If you are working with tools, for example, you should be wearing closed toed shoes and follow safety protocols including wearing eye, ear, and other appropriate protection.  

This should go without saying, but if you have hair please do your best to make it look like you tried to fix it. Many hats are fine to wear when you don’t feel like fixing your hair.


We expect all employees to embody our company’s values in and out of the workplace. These aren’t complicated and we believe they guide all of us to be good people. That’s who we all want to work with; good people. You should talk to everyone with respect and as you’d expect to be spoken to.

Disagreements will happen, but there is never any place in this company to raise your voice, or for the use of offensive or divisive language, crude humor or really anything above PG-13. If you are offended by someone, please inform management.

We are a diverse company with staff in multiple countries. We pride ourselves in keeping the workplace light-hearted and as fun as it can be while getting the job done. Please be mindful of the content of your speech and emails. Don’t be a Jackass.

Additionally, we don’t have overly restrictive content blockers. We expect that you are not to watch movies, blast inappropriate music or visit inappropriate websites. Nothing we do or how we interface with one another should be above PG-13. This is a professional environment, however lax it may seem, we expect you to help us maintain the illusion of professionalism to the unsuspecting public.

Below are guides for internet usage and social media policies: