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Jason Huval

Lead Business Consultant

Jason has been a serial entrepreneur since graduating from California State University in 2004.
Jason Huval is the founder of the firm and started the company with a vision of being able to help small and medium-sized companies achieve success and grow their business as he has. Understanding the hardships that come with being a small business owner, he is very relatable and has helped many entrepreneurs to achieve their dream of owning a successful business.

Jason is married to his high school sweetheart and has two sons. He holds a B.A. in Business with a concentration in accounting from California State University Fullerton and an MBA from West Texas A&M University. He loves to cook and is an authentic Cajun. His passion for Cajun food and culture is second to none.

Manu Saini

Lead Accounting Consultant

Manu has been a serial entrepreneur since first moving to Austin in 1998. He has successfully started and sold multiple businesses. Manu and Jason are partners in many projects and have enjoyed working together for over a decade. Manu is extremely organized and an excellent problem solver. He has served as the CEO and CFO for several companies and has a proven, successful track record.

Manu is an entrepreneur with many talents. He loves investing and talking about investment opportunities. He enjoys dark chocolates, travel and fine foods. He regularly gives to charitable organizations and prides himself on being eco-friendly in his personal life as well as his businesses. He is originally from St. Louis and is a huge fan of the St. Louis Blues hockey team.

Grant Williams

Lead Marketing Consultant

Grant serves as the CMO for several businesses with Jason and Manu. As a member of their team since 2016, he has helped them grow at a neck-breaking pace. Grant is extremely well-versed in SEO, web development, data mining and many marketing strategies. He is very intuitive which helps him see issues and holes in a plan before they arise.

Grant graduated from Southern Indiana with B.S. in Advertising. He is a transplant from Illinois and enjoys trying new culinary dishes around Greater Austin. He is also a big fan of the much warmer weather Austin has to offer. He loves motorcycles and can be found zipping through the hill country on the weekend. Additionally, he has learned that Texas actually does have the best BBQ in the country.

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